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Celina Asks for Input on Residential Chickens

Proposal would allow chickens in residential areas



    Celina is asking for public input before the city council considering allowing residents to have chickens in their backyards inside city limits. (Published Monday, June 10, 2013)

    The growing city of Celina is asking surveying residents about a proposal to allow chickens within city limits.

    The issue came before the City Council last month, but members were divided on the matter.

    The survey is available online and in hard copy at City Hall. It asks residents to mark "yes" or "no" on the idea of fowl in residential areas and gives them an opportunity to provide feedback on the issue.

    Debbie Walker, who used to keep a small flock in her backyard, which measures about .75 of an acre, said many supporters are suburban mothers who are interested in being self-sustaining and in keeping a piece of small-town life.

    "Being able to have chickens in city limits has given us the opportunity to have a little bit of country," she said. "Celina is a rural community -- it is growing, but for now, it's still rural."

    But not everyone favors the idea. Patsy Lewis said she is concerned about noise and the smell.

    "Celina is a small town, but I think chickens are kind of nasty," she said. "I wouldn't want to be the neighbor of someone who had chickens."

    The surveys are due in July, and the City Council will revisit the issue in August based on the results.

    If approved, a chicken ordinance would likely only affect areas around the city square. Many of the homeowners associations in the new subdivisions independently do not allow fowl.

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