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Celebrating Southpaw Day Lefty Style

Friday the 13th marks International Left-Handers Day ... who knew?



    Celebrating Southpaw Day Lefty Style
    One of the world's more famous left-handers

    There must be a day for everything because tomorrow marks International Left-Handers Day.

    No doubt, there will be merry bands of left-handed carolers going door-to-door singing left-handed carols, and certainly your left-handed cards have been mailed already.

    The Star Newspaper Group — which publishes the Burleson Star, Crowley Star, Joshua Star, Alvarado Star, and Keene Star — plans a special treat for this week’s editions. Each edition in the chain comes to readers as a left-handed newspaper, meaning folks will read them back-to-front, which will be front-to-back only backward, and I think I’m dizzy.

    In trying to grasp the concept, I envision the morning’s paper, laid out at the fold, on the breakfast table. I use my left hand to grab the bottom-right corner to turn to page 2 because the coffee mug is in my right, the dominate hand. The cigarette’s in the ashtray.
    Kidding, kidding. I only smoke outside.

    If I were left-handed, though, the coffee mug would be in my left hand, leaving an awkward push-turn with the right rather than the natural pull-turn with the left hand. OK, I kind of get this.

    “Publisher Brenda Adams' idea,” according to a news release, “was to give the rest of the right-handed world a little taste of the extra effort lefties have to deal with even [word missing … in? with?] the simpliest of tasks.”

    Sorry, but the superlative is spelled “simplest.” Even a left-hander should know that.

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