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Caught on Camera: Suspect Killed During Police Chase

A concrete truck slammed into the suspect's truck during chase.



    A burglary suspect was killed Friday morning after a concrete truck slammed into his Ford 150 during a police chase.

    DeSoto police spokeswoman Cpl. Melissa Franks said an officer noticed a stolen air compressor in the back of Arthur Terry’s truck and attempted to pull the truck over near the intersection of Dalton Drive and Hampton Road in DeSoto.

    “He goes up to the car, and he’s treating it much like we do any other traffic stop, asking for identification and things of that nature," Franks said. "The suspect would not listen to instructions. He tried to reach into the center console a couple of times against the officer’s instructions not to do so. Finally, the officer feels it’s his safety to pull the suspect out of the car."

    In dash camera video, you can see Officer Boor force Terry out of the truck. But Terry continues to fight with Boor. Franks said at one point, Terry even reached for the Boor’s gun.

    Police Chase Ends in Explosive Crash

    [DFW] Police Chase Ends in Explosive Crash
    DeSoto Police released dashcam video that shows officers chasing a burglary suspect when a concrete truck slams into him. The chase started around 5:30 a.m. in DeSoto and ended in Glenn Heights.
    (Published Friday, March 16, 2012)

    Boor tried to use his Taser to stop Terry, but Terry was able to climb back inside his truck and sped away.

    “The officer was not able to keep up with him very well. You can see that in the video -- the suspect is going about 100 or more mph,” Franks said.

    After a 3-mile chase, Terry runs through a stop light at the intersection of Bear Creek Road and Hampton Road in Glenn Heights.

    A cement truck was traveling eastbound through the same intersection and crashed into Terry’s truck.

    Terry did not survive the crash.

    The cement truck driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to be recover.

    “Well, obviously, it’s a tragedy for everyone involved," Franks said. "Police are trying to do their best to apprehend suspects. The suspect made a lot of poor decision in the way he was driving so fast, running all those red lights, and he put the public in great danger."