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Carrollton Home Overflows With Christmas Spirit



    Carrollton Home Overflows With Christmas Spirit

    A Carrollton woman's passion for Christmas is so overcoming she begins decorating six months in advance. It takes a lot of work to celebrate the biggest birthday of the year. For 81-year-old Sissie Moore, Christmas really starts in July.

    "I love Christmas. I love what it represents. To me, it's all about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ," said  Moore. "I love every decoration. I love what it's about. I love the christmas music and I start early to get it all done."

    Every single room, including the bath rooms and laundry room, is covered floor to ceiling with holiday happiness.  To get them all ready in time, Moore starts decorating in the summer.

    "By the end of August I'm really into this," said Moore. "We like the spirit of Christmas and what it's all about. We want anyone who comes in here to get that same wonderful feeling that we try to make you feel like."

    In Moore's home, there is a festive pink living room, a beautiful gold dining room and the kitchen and den are decked out in peppermint splendor.  Sissie's bedroom is a sparking winter slumberland, while the patio surrounding the pool is constantly humming with animated joy.

    While the arrangement is impressive in daylight, at night it's literally a show-stopper.  Moore said people stop by daily for tours and to gawk at the her display.

    "So many of our friends know about it and they give us a call, 'Can we bring so-and-so over tonight?' There are people here every day and night," said Moore. "I love for them to come in and share and to know that we may have touched someone's heart. That's what it's all about. That's our gift."

    Christmas Spirit Explodes in Carrollton Home

    [DFW] Christmas Spirit Explodes in Carrollton Home
    Christmas is serious business for a North Texas woman and her daughter.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009)

    Her daughter shares the sentiment and couldn't imagine Christmas any other way.

    "When they come in, something happens to people," said Neecie Moore, Sissie's daughter. "They really catch the spirit of Christmas. They catch the reason for the season and thats what's in my mothers heart -- always has been. I can see it in their eyes when they get it -- just magical."