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Car Crashes Into DeSoto Hotel



    Car Crashes Into Hotel Overnight

    No guests had to be evacuated when a car crashed into a room at the Hampton Inn and Suites at I-35E and Wintergreen Road in DeSoto on Saturday. (Published Saturday, March 9, 2013)

    Two people were hospitalized after a bizarre crash in DeSoto at around midnight Saturday.

    It started when two cars hit each other on southbound I-35E at Wintergreen Road. The impact of the collision was so powerful that one of the cars went off an embankment, hit a pole the parking lot of a Hampton Inn and Suites then crashed into a hotel room.

    No one was in the room at the time of the crash but eyewitnesses who pulled the driver from the car say he wasn't in good shape.

    "He was severely inebriated. It was bad, I could smell it on him as soon as I pulled him out of the car and I told him to sit down. He got up, he started running around in circles and it looked like he was going to try to run, then he got back in the car and then the cops came and pulled him out of the car," said Hugh McGuygan.

    "I got out and pulled out the fire extinguisher 'cause I saw flames and then the cops showed up and told us to go back, get back. It was crazy, but the guy was okay," said Gaylen Lusch.

    Police are still investigating the official cause of the accident.