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McKinney: 140 Car Burglaries in 30 Days

"Lock, Take, and Hide" program to help curb burglaries



    McKinney: 140 Car Burglaries in 30 Days
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    In the past 30 days, McKinney has had more than 140 car burglaries. 

    Thieves aren’t striking at any particular time or neighborhood. "Somebody come in through the back window which was not locked and stole a little gym bag,” said Hank James of McKinney.

    It’s been a long month for officers in McKinney’s Police department trying to keep up with car burglars. Recently released home surveillance video of some criminals in action shows just how quick and effortless it is for them to disappear with your belongings. 

    “The security lighting comes on it doesn't startle them one bit, “said Lieutenant Scott Brewer, “these are folks who have done this on a very regular basis.”

    Police call them crimes of opportunity, so McKinney started a new "Lock, Take and Hide" educational initiative to inform residents how best to protect their property.

    McKinney police say their initiative will educate and information residents on how to best protect property. Retailers will post signs in windows, patrol officers will leave flyers on cars that are vulnerable for theft.

    The program reminds vehicle owners to lock their cars, roll up windows when parked, remove the keys from the vehicle, and hide valuables from plain sight -- all common sense techniques McKinney hopes will curb the crime spree.

    McKinney is already using Collin County’s Code Red Phone system, similar to reverse 911, where the city contacts residents by phone, reminding them about protecting property.