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Passengers Toss Injured Cabbie From Car After Shooting: Police



    Dallas police said two passengers tossed an injured cab driver into the road and left him for dead following a shooting and argument at a Club XTC in Dallas.

    The passengers had been involved in an altercation at the club and left the club shortly after in the cab. The others in the altercation were believed to have followed the pair in the cab, and opened fire with a shotgun when the driver, 30-year-old Bashir Abraham, stopped at a red light at Stemmons Freeway and Regal Road, police said.

    All three of the occupants of the cab were struck. The passengers then tossed the Abraham out of the car and into the roadway, leaving him to die, police said.

    Seeking help for their own injuries, the two passengers fled in the cab, police said. The pair showed up at Children's Medical Center in the bullet-riddled cab, thinking they were at Parkland.

    Cabbie, Passengers Shot

    [DFW] Cabbie, Passengers Shot
    Dallas police responded to reports of a taxi driver and two passengers shot following an argument at a nightclub, with the cabbie then dumped from the vehicle.
    (Published Monday, April 19, 2010)

    Officers found Abraham a short time later and he was transported to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where he died. Abraham's family said he recently moved to Dallas from Minneapolis, Minn., where he had lived since high school. Abraham had only been driving a cab for a few short months.

    Police are looking for the person who opened fire from a black sedan.

    It is not yet known what charges, if any, the passengers will face for abandoning Abraham and taking the vehicle. The two men were arrested on outstanding warrants.