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Denton Businesses Open After Icy Weather

Denton merchants impacted by winter storm



    The winter weather has left its mark on businesses across North Texas. Many stores opened their doors on Thursday for the first time in three days. Merchants in Denton County said the weather has hurt their bottom line, but they're hoping to bounce back this weekend.

    "Normally, it's in these three spots. This whole spot. This section," 7-Eleven employee Steven Bahn said while pointing to an empty milk shelf.

    "They [customers] ask us, 'When will you get this?' We can't give them an answer because we don't know when the vendors will be available."

    Bahn said his store was forced to close on Wednesday after power went out four times. 

    Back in Business After Storm

    [DFW] Back in Business After Storm
    Businesses in Denton reopen after being closed because of ice storm.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011)

    "When power goes out, that means everything goes out, gas, cash register," Bahn said.

    On day three, they were open for business -- and on the other side of the city, the Golden Triangle Mall opened its doors after being shut down for two days.

    "We've closed it for a half day or a partial day before, but never two days, and never two days in a row," Mall Manager Matt Ludenmann said.

    The icy roads and parking lots kept mall traffic slow and steady, but merchants remained hopeful that people will venture out.

    "We've been in the house the past two days. Having a two-year-old and my wife is nine months pregnant, so staying in the house makes us stir crazy," Denton resident Kevin Roden said.

    "A lot of my customers have been home, and so I've been posting on Facebook like crazy," store owner Tonya Adam said.

    Adam said she will keep business alive despite the unchangeable factors.