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Burglary Victim Warns Neighbors: Keep Your Guns Close

Prince impersonator says he had to cancel booking because thieves stole two amplifiers



    Fort Worth Man Warns Off Burglars

    A Fort Worth burglary victim has put up signs on his home warning away thieves -- including a sign that tells neighbors about his recent break-in and reminds them to "keep your guns close by." (Published Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012)

    A Fort Worth burglary victim has posted a neon green sign in his front lawn warning criminals he is armed and tired of break-ins.

    Thieves broke into Amer Ozzie's home in the Riverside/Carter neighborhood on Friday and stole musical equipment, a TV, tablets and a video game console.

    "Since I put the sign up, other neighbors have been coming up to me and saying, 'I've been robbed. I'm glad you're doing this,'" he said. "Other neighbors say they're going to put the signs up, too."

    Ozzie, a Prince impersonator, said he is lucky that the thieves didn't steal any of his expansive Prince memorabilia or the two custom Prince guitars he uses for performances. But the bad guys took two amplifiers, forcing him to cancel a booking he had for this weekend, he said.

    While NBC 5 was out shooting the story, two residents pulled over to say that they, too, had been burglarized. They didn't want to be identified, but one man said bank deposits for his small business were stolen from his car and a woman said tools were stolen out of her garage.

    Ozzie, who grew up in the neighborhood, said he wants Fort Worth police to patrol the area during the day, when burglaries are happening.