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Burglaries in the Burbs



    Investigators with McKinney’s Police department say two recent home burglaries on the same day are connected only by motive.

    Police said theives take any opportunity to steal items that convert to quick cash. "They take that opportunity and in about 10 to 15 seconds and then they’re off with the goods," said McKinney Assistant Chief Randy Roland.

    November 5th, in the 300 block of Terra Verde Lane someone forced open a door to a garage and stole several items. Later the same day in the 800 block of Cold Stream Drive, a homeowner was working in the yard on the side of their home and left the garage door open, the woman walked into her garage to find a man stealing an air compressor.

    "It was very shocking to me," said Logan Bains who lives next door."I feel like we live in a great neighborhood."

    Crimes of Opportunity

    [DFW] Crimes of Opportunity
    McKinneyPolice are urging residents to stay vigilant and avoid becoming the target of thieves.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010)

    Bains says his neighbor’s husband is a law enforcement officer and chased the suspect but couldn't catch him.

    In the months of September and October McKinney’s Police department reports home burglaries have been declining, police don’t think that two reports on the same day in different sections of town represent a trend but do believe at this time of year they could see a slight increase.

    "In these economic times people are looking for a quick buck, for whatever reason they’re going to be looking for things that they can turn into cash," said Roland. "It could be golf clubs, it could be small tools."

    Police are urging people to protect their valuables at all times and try to minimize opportunities for thieves.

    Police have not arrested anyone in connection with the burglaries and do not think the same person or persons are involved in each crime.