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Burglar Signs for TV Delivery, Steals It

Homeowner left with bill for stolen big-screen television



    Burglar Signs for TV Delivery, Steals It
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    A Fort Worth man was left with an $800 bill for a big-screen television after a home burglar signed for the FedEx delivery.

    A Fort Worth burglar may win the award for sheer guts by signing for the delivery of a new TV -- and then stealing it.

    “That was pretty gutsy,” said homeowner Josh Tipton, who is now stuck with the bill for the stolen television.

    Tipton’s west Fort Worth home was burglarized Aug. 7 while he was working at an accounting firm downtown.

    Two televisions and some golf clubs were stolen, he said. But he didn’t realize until a few days later that he never received an $800 big-screen TV he had ordered.

    Burglar Signs for TV; Homeowner Stuck With Bill

    [DFW] Burglar Signs for TV; Homeowner Stuck With Bill
    A Fort Worth man is left with an $800 bill after a burglar signs for a TV delivery.
    (Published Monday, Aug. 17, 2009)

    FedEx told him it was, in fact, delivered the day of the burglary -- and that someone had signed for it.

    The signature looked more like a scribble than anything, Tipton said Monday.

    “It was not me, no,” he said. "I couldn't picture someone breaking into my house and hearing a knock on the door and going to answer it and having it be the FedEx guy."

    Tipton said he is still responsible for the bill, even though the television was stolen.

    “We feel bad for the homeowner, but we fulfilled our obligations as a transportation company,” said FedEx spokeswoman Jennifer Caccavo. “We did everything we could have done.”

    FedEx does not usually require identification when making deliveries.

    Tipton said his homeowners insurance policy will cover what was stolen from inside the house, but not the TV delivery.

    "They said since it never entered your house, it wasn't covered because it was never in your possession,” he said.

    So for now, that leaves Tipton out the $800.

    "(I’m) pretty frustrated, just looking for some closure and resolution to the problem," he said.