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Building a Bastian of Hope

Cat missing at D-FW Airport



    Building a Bastian of Hope

    As Teresa Krzywicki took a May 31 American Airlines flight from California to Baltimore, she had a one-hour layover and plane-change at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Her two cats traveled with her.

    When she arrived at Baltimore, airline officials told her only one of the two cats made the connecting flight. The other, named Bastion, supposedly managed to escape his carrier at D-FW Airport and go missing somewhere in the vast expanse of the facility. 

    Either that or perhaps someone in the baggage-handling area thought he was cute and opened the carrier door to give him a little scratch under the chin, and Bastian bolted.

    Bastian is a 6-year-old, white with tan-ish markings, flame-point Siamese with no collar, therefore no tags, and no embedded microchip.

    I’m sorry, but traveling across country with no ID on your kid? Really?

    Jonnie England, director of Animal Advocacy and Communications for the Metroplex Animal Coalition, said in an e-mail message that Bastian’s a friendly boy and might have been picked up by someone and taken home or to a shelter, and lord knows which one.

    Rescue volunteers and airport personnel have put out food and traps and distributed fliers, so far to no avail.  A report late Thursday speculated Bastion may be in the ceiling over a men's locker room in Terminal D, though England wasn't sure who, the airline or airport staffers, may be crawling up there to conduct a search.

    If this were a Disney movie, Bastian would be somewhere near Little Rock, Ark., making a 1,400-mile incredible journey back home. It’s not though, and he could well still be at the airport scared and hiding.

    “Bastian Krzywicki, please report to the nearest white courtesy phone for an important message.”

    We've been in communication with Krzywicki, and while she admits Bastain wasn't wearing an ID, his carrier was marked in several places. "If you could see how many different places my contact information was plastered all over the carrier, just in case it happened to be misplaced. Again, never thinking he'd at any point end up outside of the carrier. He's never even been outdoors a day in his life, except for when I wrapped him in a blanket and ran him down the street to my car to save him from a fire in my apartment building a few years ago," said Krzywicki.

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