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Buckner Terrace Residents Angry Over Rash of Burglaries



    Buckner Terrace residents are fed up after a dozen burglaries in a month, some were even caught on camera. The City of Dallas says it's working on a plan to deal with the crime. (Published Wednesday, June 19, 2013)

    There is anger in Dallas' Buckner Terrace neighborhood, as well as a call for help.

    On Wednesday, homeowner Anthony Rios addressed the City Council about a recent spike in crime.

    "I ask that you look for a solution to the ongoing problem," Rios said.

    According to Dallas police reports, in the last several weeks there have been at least 12 burglaries in the area.

    Neighbor Hattie Jenkins suffered an attempted break-in last week, but scared off the burglar when she came home and confronted the man in her backyard.

    "He ran across this way, right across there in those two houses. I came back and I looked up and didn't know my window was broken. He had broken my window," Jenkins said.

    The man didn't get away with any of Jenkins' belongings, but not everyone in her neighborhood has been as lucky.

    Dallas police posted a video from a burglary which took place last month on nearby Elk Ridge Drive.  In that burglary, the thieves ran off with electronics after breaking through a door.

    City Councilmember Carolyn Davis reassured Rios, and other homeowners, telling them the Dallas Police Department is working out an action plan to bring down crime in the area.

    Davis, nor the Dallas police, elaborated on what that plan entailed.