Texas-based Buc-ee's Rated Best Gas Station in the Country

Buc-ee's Rated Best Gas Station in the Country NBC 5 News

When you're on a road trip in Texas, you always have to stop when you see one.

We're not talking about Whataburger.

We're talking about Buc-ee's!

The place with the clean bathrooms, friendly employees and a plethora of food choices has been ranked number one in the "Top Ten Gas Stations in The U.S." by GasBuddy. Gasbuddy is an app that connects millions of drivers with the perfect pit stop.

- Buc-ee's Attracts Loyal Crowd

"These are destination brands that directly compete with restaurants, coffee shops, and—in some cases—even supermarkets," Frank Beard, convenience store and retail trends analyst at GasBuddy said in a statement. "Although gas stations are still in the business of selling gas, the leading brands have become so much more. They’re a refuge for motorists looking for great food, an amazing cup of coffee, or some of the best customer service you’ll find anywhere."

- Mega Gas Station Buc-ee's Opens First DFW Location

Texas-based Buc-ee's also was rated number one in every category measured by the ratings and reviews in the GasBuddy app.

Top 10 Gas Station Brands in The U.S.:

1. Buc-ee's

Buc-ee’s has 33 U.S. locations with plans to expand into Florida in 2019.

2. Kelley’s Market

Illinois-based Kelley’s Market, with 48 locations in Rockford, IL and Madison, WI, also made a strong showing by placing second in the overall category.

3. Kwik Trip

Headquartered in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, there are 545 locations throughout Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

4. QuikTrip

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based QuikTrip is operating 740 locations in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.

5. Wawa

This Wawa, Pennsylvania-based company has 730 locations throughout the East Coast.

6. Hy-Vee

Iowa-based Hy-Vee has 141 locations in the U.S.


Headquartered in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, QuickChek has 154 locations throughout New Jersey and New York.

8. Sheetz

Ranking #8 overall is Sheetz, a family-owned convenience store chain based in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

9. Parker’s

Parker’s is based in Savannah, Georgia, with 46 stores throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

10. NOCO Express

Rounding out the top 10 is NOCO Express. They have 37 gas stations and convenience stores in Western New York and are headquartered in Tonawanda, NY.

Top-Rated Coffee:

- Buc-ee's - Kelley's Market - Wawa - Weigel's - Hy-vee

Top-Rated Restrooms:

- Buc-ee's - Kelley's Market - Hy-vee - Kwik Trip - QuikTrip

Top-Rated Cleanliness:

- Buc-ee's - Kelley's Market - Hy-vee - Kwik Trip - QuikTrip

Top-Rated Customer Service:

- Buc-ee's - Kelley's Market - QuikTrip - Kwik Trip - Hy-vee

Top-Rated Outdoor Lighting:

- Buc-ee's - Kelley's Market - Wawa - Hy-vee - QuikTrip

GasBuddy’s team gathered these findings by examining the customer ratings and reviews data between January 1 through December 31, 2017.

The 32nd Buc-ee’s location in Texas will open for business Monday in Fort Worth near the Texas Motor Speedway. (Published Thursday, May 19, 2016)