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Brazen Burglars Break In As Homeowners Sleep: Little Elm Police



    Families in Little Elm are shaken after a series of break-ins where the burglars hit while homeowners were sleeping. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013)

    Little Elm Police say they're investigating a string of suspected burglaries - three of which happened this week, most while the homeowners were steps away sleeping.

    People started filing reports with the department on Monday morning, citing purses and wallets stolen, dumped out for credit cards and cash, and abandoned nearby.

    "It's a miracle one of us didn't wake up while he was there," said Bill Abercrombie, who was asleep in the home with his wife and their dog on Sunday night while they were victimized.

    No one home noticed anything unusual, until Abercrombie discovered his wife's purse outside, its contents strewn about.

    The credit cards and identification was still there, but they were missing $500 in cash - a Christmas gift.

    "It's absolutely terrified us," he said. "I'm upset that we don't have a camera currently - and that's changing this week. I'll have cameras inside and outside, so next time, if somebody does this - I'll have footage."

    Police note that of all the homes targeted, there were no signs of forced entry, meaning the burglar accessed unlocked doors.

    At one home, Lt. Larry Denison with Little Elm PD says the family's teenage daughter was awakened by the sound of a stranger in the home, describing him to police as a man likely in his 20s, thin, tall and white.

    "How can you go into people's houses and not think that it could end up bad - for somebody?" asked Lt. Denison.

    Lt. Denison says with the apparent "boldness" of the suspected burglar, he's concerned the crimes may escalate - or end in a violent confrontation.

    "He's very lucky, he's going to end up dead if he's not careful, he's going to get caught by the wrong person and he's going to get shot," said Abercrombie.