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Boy Injured on "Blob" at Church Camp

Seventh-grader said to be doing well in Fort Worth hospital after accident on inflatable device



    A seventh-grader is recovering from an accident on an inflatable water device known as a "blob" in Somervell County. (Published Wednesday, June 12, 2013)

    A seventh-grade boy was injured at a church camp near Glen Rose on Tuesday in an unusual water accident involving an inflatable device known as a "blob."

    A blob is similar to a long, inflatable mattress. When a person jumps on one side, the person on the other end is sent into the air and lands in the water.

    The incident occurred at the Riverbend Retreat Center in Somervell County near Glen Rose.

    "He kind of twisted up a little when he hit the water," said camp director Alton Belew.

    The boy, whose name and age were not released, is from First Baptist Church of Athens.

    He was rushed by medical helicopter as a precaution to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth because he may have briefly lost consciousness, Belew said.

    The boy was still undergoing tests late Tuesday but appeared to be in good condition, Belew said.

    "He is responsive, talking and complaining about his neck brace," he said.

    The camp hosts 10,000 children per year and has had the blob for 18 years without any problems, he said.

    "It's a very safe activity," Belew said.