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Pair in Bomb Scare Held Without Bond



    Pair in Bomb Scare Held Without Bond

    Kimberly al-Homsi, 45 and Yasinul Ansari, 18, arrested Saturday after a chase and being found in possession of three explosive devices, were ordered to be held without bond Tuesday by U.S. Magistrate Charles Bleil.

    The pair did not fight being detained and waived their detention hearing. Bleil determined that the pair were a flight risk, a danger to society and ordered that they be detained without bond.

    The al-Homsi and Ansari were arrested after a motorist in Arlington reported two people in a pickup who had pulled a gun during an apparent case of road rage.

    When officers caught up with the pickup, the driver refused to stop. Officers followed the woman for 20 minutes before she finally pulled over near east Loop 820 and Rosedale Street. The woman in the pickup, al-Homsi, then told officers there was a bomb inside the truck. 

    After a search, officers found three explosive devices and a fake hand gun -- the one believed to have been brandished in Arlington.   The pair were arrested and transported to the Arlington city jail.

    Al-Homsi is well-known to law enforcement. In 2005, a few days before Christmas, al-Homsi, was arrested after another case of road rage. A driver said she waved a grenade at him on Central Expressway. When police caught up with her, they found five grenades in her car. They were real but did not contain explosives, authorities said.

    In July 2007, police were called to her southeast Arlington home after a domestic dispute with her roommate, who refused to come out for more than five hours. Al-Homsi was later arrested for possessing illegal weapons after police said they found explosive powder, pipes and putty in the house.

    That same year, she and a friend were spotted at Love Field. Wearing Muslim apparel with camouflage pants, witnesses said they appeared to be conducting some kind of surveillance with binoculars.

    The FBI questioned her but no charges were filed in that case.

    And now, federal agents want to know what she was planning to do with the explosive devices found in her pickup, and what her connection is Ansari, who was in the pickup with her, police said.

    The two are still being held in the Arlington city jail.