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Bison on the Move in Lewisville

LLELA uses bison to restore prairie land



    The grass is greener on the other side -- at least for the bison herd roaming through the middle of Lewisville.

    The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area is using the nomadic animals to take the land back in time.

    "Our goal is to get this back to the condition it was in about 200 years ago, before settlement," said Ken Steigman, LLELA director.

    "They're here to help us restore this tall grass prairie," he said.

    Bison Herd on the Move

    [DFW] Bison Herd on the Move
    A herd of bison are on the move as part of a land preservation effort by the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area.
    (Published Wednesday, May 18, 2011)

    Bison herds may be an uncommon site in North Texas, but they once played a key role on the prairie.

    Steigman said their grazing invigorates the natural plant life, and that's what  their job is at LLELA. Once the bison move on, the land they grazed is left alone for two to three years.

    "That allows those plants that were eaten to come up, bloom, set seed and replenish their energy levels in the root system," Steigman said.

    Steigman said he hopes these animals bring the world around them one step closer to its roots.

    If you want to see the bison up close, LLELA hosts tours on the last Sunday of each month.