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Big Brother Protection for Your Home

Cameras proving a valuable resource for homeowners



    Surveillance systems in homes are becoming more and more common and are helping police identify suspects like never before. (Published Friday, Dec. 30, 2011)

    Big Brother Protection

    Police say home surveillance systems are giving them a leg up on criminals.

    An increasing number of homeowners are installing high-tech surveillance camera systems along with their home alarms and the result is paying off for police.

    Officers in Richardson are publically touting their use in the search for two burglary suspects who were confronted by a homeowner and escaped, but not before cameras recorded clear images for detectives to publicize.

    The photos not only help identify suspects, they also can be used as evidence placing defendants at a crime scene.

    In Dallas, police used home surveillance video from two burglaries to identify and arrest a suspect in a couple of fall home burglaries.

    The systems can be installed professionally as part of home alarm system, but do-it-yourself types can purchase and install four camera systems that run 24/7 with DVR's for as little as $200.

    That may provide peace of mind that if their home is violated there's a chance police will be able to actually see who did it and identify the burglar.