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Bees Removed San Antonio Bell Tower



    40,000 bees were removed from a San Antonio church's bell tower, eventually they'll have a new home at a remote location. (Published Monday, Sept. 2, 2013)

    Workers removed a large high-hanging beehive from a bell tower at a Catholic church in San Antonio Monday.

    The colony of honeybees has been living at the top of a 50-year-old church during the summer months problem-free, but every time the church bell rang, it sent the bees buzzing around the neighborhood.

    A church official decided not to take any chances since children were returning to school, and called for help.

    Since the honeybee population is dwindling nationwide, a decision was made to relocate the beehive.

    Workers from the Central Texas Bee Rescue collected the bees using a special vacuum and transported them to their facility.

    The bee rescuers told WOAI there were 40,000 bees in what was considered a medium-sized hive.

    Eventually they will be taken to a remote location.