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Beer Battle Brewing in Dallas



    Beer Battle Brewing in Dallas

    A lawsuit will be filed Friday to stop the Dallas November referendum on citywide beer and wine sales according to the attorney preparing the case.

    Attorney Andrew Siegel said he represents a group of liquor store owners and Southern Dallas ministers and community groups that are opposed to making dry Dallas neighborhoods wet.

    "There's a right way and a wrong way to wet up the city," Siegel said. "This is real serious business. We're talking about parts of the city and neighborhoods that have been dry for 100 years plus, Oak Cliff, Preston Hollow, etc."

    On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council ordered an election after the City Secretary ruled that a petition demanding the referendum does include more than 68 thousand valid voter signatures.

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    However, Siegal disputes the City Secretary's ruling and said the lawsuit will ask a court to find that the petition did not include enough valid signatures.

    "They cannot order the election based on defective petition signatures," Siegel said.

    Siegel said a court could rule on the lawsuit within several weeks.

    The Dallas City Attorney was consulted in the City Secretary's review of the petition and City Councilmembers were told Wednesday that they had no choice but to schedule the referendum to comply with the law.