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Bedford Police: 'Fundraising' Callers Are Scammers



    Bedford Police Warn About Fundraising Scam

    (Published Friday, Feb. 10, 2017)

    Some calls are easy to figure out: the classic "IRS callers" wanting money or the debt collector wanting payment for a bill you don't owe.

    But when the callers claim they're the police department, they might have your ear for a bit longer.

    Most of us will listen for 30 seconds or so when we get those fundraising calls for the school trip or the garden club.

    But momma always said be respectful to the police, so we listen a little longer if the caller says they’re fundraising for the local Police Department.

    "Evidently someone called saying they were raising funds for our department, and that was not true," says Lieutenant David Smith said.

    Bedford police have heard from many people who got the same call.

    The police department posted on their Facebook page making it clear to the community: these are scammers.

    From the looks of it, these callers have been making the rounds. 

    "These type of telephone scams happen all the time all over the country, they use all kinds of methods to try and weasel you out of your money," Smith said.

    Often times they’ll ask for more than just a donation, and that’s a huge red flag.

    "The best thing to do is, don't give them any personal information, no social security number, no date of birth, nothing," Smith said.

    Bedford Police say they do have fundraisers -- but will never call you over the phone to raise money.

    If you get a call:

    • Make sure they're clear about what organization they're calling from
    • Before going any further -- ask if you can call them back -- and look up the number yourself to make sure you’re really calling the right place.
    • If they're calling and asking that you confirm your personal information -- don't do it. Never give your information over the phone. That's the easiest way for scammers to take advantage of you.

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