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Bartonville Imposes Gas Drilling Moratorium



    Bartonville Imposes Gas Drilling Moratorium
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    GAYLORD, MI - JULY 17: Randy Krum stands by as water under pressure drains from a string of drill pipe he is connecting on a natural gas well being drilled for Ward Lake Energy July 17, 2003 near Gaylord, Michigan. A nationwide shortage in natural gas will cause higher prices for residential and commercial customers this winter, according to national experts. U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan told a U.S. Senate committee earlier this month that a previous cold winter, aging natural gas fields and other factors have caused the shortage in natural gas, which could lead to changes in consumer spending patterns and layoffs from companies that depend on the fuel to run their operations. Gas prices rose to more than double last year's prices earlier this month with no clear fix in the near future. (Photo by Andrew Sacks/Getty Images)

    Leaders of a North Texas town have imposed a 90-day moratorium on new permits for natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

    The Denton Record-Chronicle reported Friday that the Bartonville Town Council also agreed to form a seven-member advisory board on gas drilling and production.

    Mayor Ron Robertson says the moratorium, passed Wednesday night, is a "cooling off period" as town leaders continue studying potential new regulations.

    Robertson says council members are concerned about chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The practice involves pumping water, sand and chemicals underground to break up rock and free gas.

    Robertson says the town of about 1,600, located 30 miles northwest of Dallas, needs a better grasp on what to allow.

    At least one operator is currently fracking a well in Bartonville.