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Barton Springs Pool Pollution Source Sought



    Barton Springs Pool Pollution Source Sought
    Barton Springs pool in Austin.

    A drainage ditch has been scrutinized as the possible delivery way for pollution that's ended up in a popular Central Texas swimming hole.

    The Austin American-Statesman reported Sunday that Austin officials are not sure how much pollution has reached the Barton Springs Pool.

    The city in the 1960s built a drainage ditch to keep dirty rainwater from the growing Zilker neighborhood from flowing downhill into the pool.

    The newspaper reports recent city testing confirms possible ditch failure. At least some of the fertilizer, leaked motor oil, metals and other pollution from the neighborhood is not being channeled past Barton Springs Pool but is winding up in a tributary.

    Questions about pollution issues and development plans for the area are expected to reach the Austin Planning Commission next week.