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Bad Luck Day Losing Its Mojo

Poll: 77.3 percent of responders say, ‘meh’ to Friday 13th



    Bad Luck Day Losing Its Mojo
    Lorenzo Thorne
    Friday the 13th ... black cats ... what else?

    Friday the 13th, once the playground of various hobgoblins and boogiemen of the brain, appears to be losing its unlucky charm.

    So, yeah, hey Jason, take a hike, there, slasher-boy.

    According to a recent poll conducted by, 77.3 percent of more than 400 responders said, “Eh, so what,” when something big such as a marriage, first day of a new job, or surgery might be scheduled to take place on a Friday the 13th. Some of them might rethink that surgery thing, though, if it’s a scheduled vasectomy.

    Paraskevidekatriaphobia, the irrational fear of Friday the 13th, tracks back, at least in part, to cultural and religious lore associated with eating dinner. Judas betrayed Jesus after showing up late, the 13th person there, to the Last Supper, according to Bad-boy Norse god Loki dispatched good-guy Balder after crashing a Viking dinner party of 12 already-seated diners.

    So there’s your superstitious lesson of the day: don’t have dinner with 12 other people.

    And there’s probably no added danger at all to scheduling a wedding for a Friday the 13th. Statistics show that more than half of all marriages end in divorce anyway, so what’s a little Friday the 13th between couples?

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