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Authorities Release 911 Call Missing Frisco Teen Made

High school student called 911 from Oklahoma



    A Frisco teenager offered few details about her abduction when she called 911 in Oklahoma the day after she disappeared.

    Authorities in Muskogee County, Okla., released the 911 call Bethany Stroud made Saturday night to report that she had escaped a kidnapper. Stroud, 18, made the call from a Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Store in Muskogee.

    Stroud, a senior at Lone Star High School, told Frisco police that she was taken at gunpoint from the employee parking lot outside the Dr Pepper StarCenter after after work at about 9:30 p.m. Friday.

    Police said she made a muffled, 12-second 911 call in Frisco at 9:52 p.m.

    Frisco Teen's Call for Help

    [DFW] Frisco Teen's Call for Help
    Police released the 911 tape of Bethany Stroud's call for help from a Braum's in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012)

    She again called 911 in Muskogee, a less-than-five-hour drive from Frisco, nearly 24 hours later.

    Dispatcher: Rescue 911 center police, fire, ambulance.

    Stroud: Um, yes, I'm at the Braum's. I really don't know where I am, but I know I'm at a Braum's.

    Dispatcher: OK.

    Stroud: And I need an officer please.

    Dispatcher: OK, ma'am, can you tell me what's wrong?

    Stroud: I was abducted Friday night.

    Dispatcher: OK.

    Stroud: I need an officer.

    Dispatcher: Are you OK there right now?

    Stroud: Yeah, I'm fine.

    In the call, Stroud did not mention what happened while she was abducted. She did not describe the kidnapper to the dispatcher or say the kidnapper had a gun.

    Dispatcher: Have you been left there did you get away or?

    Stroud: No, he was, he stopped on the side of the road, I don't know, a few hours ago, and I think he was going to the bathroom, and I jumped in the seat and drove away.

    Dispatcher: Do you know who took you?

    Stroud: No, I have no idea.

    Dispatcher: Who you were with, or was it a stranger?

    Dispatcher: How many days has this been going on?

    Stroud: I was, it was Friday night after I had gotten off work

    The call ended politely with Stroud thanking the dispatcher.

    Frisco police said Stroud was only able to give a vague, nonspecific description of the kidnapper.

    Police continue to investigate the incident as an abduction. They have given no indication that an assault of any kind took place.