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As They Age, Veterans Look to New Generation



    Thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Dallas for the annual Veterans Day Parade, but one group says more veterans of recent wars need to get involved in the fight for veterans rights. (Published Monday, Nov. 12, 2012)

    Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars say it's important that there's a new generation who can take on the big issues.

    The VFW is the largest American combat association with more than two million members, but the vast majority are from the Gulf War or earlier. About 10 percent of its members nationally are veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the VFW said.

    "There are a lot of groups starting up now for the younger veterans," said retired Army Spc. Nathan Fane. "The American Legion and the VFW really need people, younger people from Iraq and Afghanistan to join to keep it going."

    Fane was one of two modern war veterans representing the Carrollton Veterans of Foreign Wars post at Monday's annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Dallas.

    "When I came back in 1970 from overseas, I came back into the airport in Los Angeles, and I got spit on by bunch of hippies," said George Brocker, a Vietnam War veteran.

    Veterans say things today are different for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

    "When we came back, we had a hero's welcome -- lots of support," Fane said. "A lot of people didn't support the war, but they support the troops."