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Accused Uptown Robber Has Murderous Criminal Record



    Accused Uptown Robber Has Murderous Criminal Record
    Dallas County Jail
    Police say Anthony Davis, a convicted murderer, kidnapped at least three people and forced them to withdraw money from Automatic Teller Machines.

    The man Dallas police say was involved in a string of kidnappings and ATM robberies in the uptown area was out of prison after serving 15 years for murder, robbery and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, NBCDFW uncovered Thursday.

    Dallas police said Anthony Glenn Davis, 40, has been charged with three aggravated robberies in the Oaklawn, McKinney and Cedar Springs area.    He was arrested last Thursday after police saw him leaving a gas station at Maple and Oak Lawn.

    In each case, he forced his victims to drive to ATM’s and withdraw money, police said.

    Davis was released from prison in July, 2005.  He’s now back in jail on bonds totaling $2.2 million.

    In once case, police said Davis forced a 24-year-old man to drive to two ATM machines and withdraw money one night in late September. The man's father, Anthony Padilla, said his son, Adrian, was grabbed as he walked to his car in the parking lot of an Office Depot on Oaklawn Avenue.

    "He just walked right up to him, put the gun in his face and said, 'I want your money,'" Padilla told NBCDFW three days after the crime happened.

    His son didn't have any money, so he said Davis told him to drive to an ATM.

    According to a Dallas police report, Davis got in the back seat of Adrian Padilla's car and instructed him to drive to the Bank of America at Interstate 75 and Haskell. He then forced him to drive to a nearby Walmart Neighborhood Market with an ATM inside after Padilla's card wouldn't work.

    "He was so scared, he didn't want to tell anybody what was going on or scream out because he was afraid the guy was going to shoot him, " Padilla's father said.

    "I'm just glad he did the right thing and did not try and be a hero and yell out," Anthony Padilla said. "You just do what the person tells you, get the money out and go."

    Police suspect Davis also kidnapped a woman walking into work at the Katy Trail Animal Hospital on the morning of Sept. 27. She was also instructed to drive to the Bank of America on Haskell Avenue.

    NBCDFW's Ellen Goldberg contributed to this report.