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Arrest Made 5 Years After Dancer's Disappearance

Woman missing since summer of 2005



    Arrest Made 5 Years After Dancer's Disappearance
    Charbonneau family photo
    Kristen Charbonneau

    An Arlington businessman and father of two is in jail in connection with a 5-year-old murder case.

    On Friday, police arrested 40-year-old car salesman Daniel Glen Moore on a charge of murder near during a traffic stop near his southwest Arlington home. He was taken into custody without incident and transferred to the Euless Jail with a $35,000 bond.  

    Moore has long been a person of interest in the disappearance of 25-year-old Kristen Charbonneau. Charbonneau was last seen at Baby Dolls strip club in Fort Worth, where she worked as a dancer, in 2005. 

    According to police, a customer followed her out of the club when she left.  Charbonneau had called a cab to take her home, but when the taxi arrived she was nowhere to be found, officials said.

    Since the investigation into Charbonneau's disappearance began, Moore was a person of interest due to his alleged relationship with Charbonneau at the club.

    On a Web site dedicated to the search for Charbonneau, her family released the following statement:

    We can't begin to tell you the range of emotions we experienced in that 3 minute conversation.  We were happy, relieved, sad, and angry all at the same time.  As much as we knew Kristen was not alive and had accepted that, the announcement felt like she had died at 7:30 pm on February 26, 2010.....the time and day of Dan's arrest.

    We now felt vindicated in that we proved to all of the people who thought we were targeting an innocent man, was crazy with grief and broken hearted people who had to vent and take our anger out on someone.

    Dan's day has arrived and he will now have to answer for killing Kristen.  We learned a lot thru this investigation and we now understand the barriers the detectives have to overcome to make an arrest.  We have a small taste of what they have to do to get the job done.  We always and will always thank them for their hard work. They appreciate those few words.

    Charbonneau's body was never found, but investigators believe she is dead.  The Star-Telegram reports Moore bonded out of jail on Saturday.