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Arlington Sprays Against West Nile Virus

Arlington residents ready for spray trucks in three locations.



    No one in Arlington has died from the West Nile Virus, but the city has detected enough mosquitoes carrying the disease that they are stepping in and starting to spray. (Published Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013)

    On Sunday evening, the city of Arlington launched spray trucks that targeted mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus. The trucks focused in three areas: near Jake Langston and Doug Russell Parks and an area around the Arlington municipal airport.

    Eddie Lechuga and his daughters enjoyed a Sunday afternoon playing game of catch outside their Arlington home. But when the sun set, they headed indoors before spray trucks drove through their neighborhood.
    "We're not doing anything else different," Lechuga said.
    That's the sentiment with many homeowners in the spraying area. Hal and wife Ina Wardell are aware and prepared for Sunday night’s spraying because of steps the city took notifying residents. 
    Crews distributed five-thousand door hangers and planted signs along sidewalks throughout neighborhoods.  
    "We're going to be going in with various methods of spraying," said Rebecca Rodriguez, the Marketing Communications Manager for the City of Arlington. "You're going to see some folks who are going to have the backpack sprayers, the ATV type sprayers, of course truck sprayers, truck foggers which are going to be dispersing the chemicals and pesticides to attack the mosquitoes."
    In Arlington, there have been 48 confirmed cases of people with the West Nile Virus. 
    Among them is 14-year old Jordan Conner, she's been diagnosed with the severe form of the virus -- West Nile Meningoencephalitis. Her mother, Ebonie Conner has been taking care of her.
    Conner said the city is taking a proactive step but they can only do much. "They can only reduce the risk," Conner said.
    "They can't eliminate it so I feel like we should do our part — I haven't heard insect repellants flying off the shelves or anything like that. Just because they spray it doesn't mean it will keep you from being bitten."
    In addition to Sunday, with weather permitting, spraying will occur Monday and Tuesday nights as well between the hours 10:30 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

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