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Arlington Pigeon Racers Cry Foul at Proposed Ordinance

Arlington's pigeon ordinance



    Arlington Pigeon Racers Cry Foul at Proposed Ordinance
    A plan to change Arlington's animal control ordinance to limit the number of birds people can have doesn't fly with some pigeon breeders.

    Some North Texans who race pigeon's aren't happy with the city of Arlington and its proposed changes to an animal control ordinance.

    The City Council said it is looking at revisions in the ordinance which they say are designed to protect animals and those who may come into contact with them.

    But according to the Star-Telegram, a number of racing enthusiasts claim the proposal to restrict the number of birds they can keep would affect their ability to compete in long-distance races.

    In some cases these competitors own more than 200 birds and they would now be required to obtain a permit for the pigeons and reduce their flock to 25 birds or even fewer.

    Those who race said they have invested thousands of dollars in the sport and the limits would prevent them from competing in long-distance races.

    The city said the permit would allow for annual inspections to make sure the birds are taken care of and kept in sanitary conditions.

    The Star-Telegram reports some neighbors have complained about the birds saying there is a problem with waste and the birds not flying back to their coops.

    An Arlington council committee is expected to take up the discussion Tuesday night.