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Arlington Man Catches Neighbors Burglar On Camera



    Arlington police say they hope photos snapped by a "nosy neighbor" will lead them to a burglar.

    The neighbor started taking pictures when he saw something suspicious in a driveway last week. The neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said he noticed a man in what looked like a construction truck get out and go to the front door, drive away and then come back.

    "About 30 minutes, 40 minutes later, he comes driving back up and pulls up in the driveway -- which was peculiar again -- but then he got out and just walked right in the house," the neighbor said. "So I thought he, you know, went over to my neighbor's place of business and got a key to come back and do some work."

    But the neighbor got his camera out when he saw the man take things from the house.

    Burglary Caught on Camera

    [DFW] Burglary Caught on Camera
    A "nosy neighbor" snaps pictures of a burglary.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010)

    "He walks right back out, and he's carrying a suitcase, a bunch of bananas and a jug of water and throws them in the back of the truck, so I pulled out my camera and just started taking pictures of him," he said.

    Police said the burglar stole jewelry, a coin collection, cash and game consoles.

    "Based on the neighbor actually taking some photographs of the suspect as they were leaving, we have an identity of someone we're looking for in this case," said Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard.

    Police say the neighbor's actions went above and beyond.

    "Well it's just what you do," he said. "You know, good people catch bad people sometime -- hopefully, this time."

    The neighbor said he hopes his neighbors would do the same if they saw something suspicious at his house.

    Police said the burglar taped a fake license plate over the truck's plates.

    Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Arlington police.