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Arlington Homes Evacuated During Hostage Situation



    Arlington police arrested a man after a seven-hour-long hostage situation caused four homes in the area to be evacuated early Friday morning. (Published Friday, Feb. 22, 2013)

    Arlington police arrested a man after a seven-hour-long hostage situation caused four homes in the area to be evacuated early Friday morning.

    Four homes in the area of Windy Pine Lane in Arlington were evacuated while SWAT units and other officers tried to communicate with a man and a woman inside a home at 2500 Windy Pine Lane.

    The situation ended around 8 a.m. Friday when SWAT units entered the home and used a Taser to apprehendthe young man said to be involved in this incident.

    Cory Allen Black, of Arlington, was arrested and is facing charges of unlawful restraint, unlawful possesion of a firearm by a felon, and family violence/felony assault by strangulation.

    Arlington police say the woman he allegedly restrained in the home is Black's girlfriend who lived with him in the home. Her name was not released by police.

    Standoff, Hostage Situation Begins

    Sgt. Christopher Cook with the Arlington Police Department said two 911 calls related to this incident came to police departments in Arlington and Pantego.

    Cook said around 1 a.m., a neighbor called 911 after they say they saw a young woman being hit outside the home and crying out for help.

    At the same time, Cook said Pantego received a second 911 call from another woman who escaped from the home and traveled to a nearby McDonalds to report her concern that Black may hurt the woman in the house. The witness also said there was a possibility that Black had a gun.

    When officers arrived on the scene, they made contact with the woman, but she didn’t come out of the house.  Negotiators never could talk to the man. 

    Investigators said they believe the young woman was being held against her will inside the home and initiated hostage procedures.

    Cook said the SWAT vehicle that parked outside the home and used the loud speaker on the vehicle to shout commands and try to get the two people believed to be inside to "come out of the house" and/or "pick up the phone."

    Cook said Arlington police believe there could be some weapons inside the house.

    The witness to the alleged assault, who also contacted 911 in Pantego, was on scene with investigators to help provide more information about the young man and young woman.

    Neighbors Evacuate, Observe SWAT Standoff

    Heavily armed officers evacuated neighbors starting at 1 a.m. as snipers positioned themselves on the rooftops.

    “Just got a knock on our door this morning, had to come out,” says evacuated neighbor Brittany Wiles.

    “We were just going crazy!  Saw three cops standing at our door, so we were like, ‘Oh gosh!’ just got up and left,” says Wiles.

    As hours went by, neighbor Rick Rangel watched and took pictures as the SWAT team stepped up their tactics.

    “Knocked the door with the battering ram, threw the phone inside and told him to get the phone and talk to them, because he never answered the cell phone.  I could hear the announcements they were making all morning," Rangel said.

    The SWAT team finally stormed in.

    “Heard them yelling, ‘Put your hands up!’ They took her, probably a minute later, is when he came out hands up, that’s when they tased him and he went down,” said Rangel.

    NBC 5's Keaton Fox saw families with small children evacuated away from the scene. Cook confirmed nine people in total have been evacuated.

    NBC 5 has crews on the scene gathering more information. As this is a developing story, details may change as we receive more information.