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Arlington Councilman Faces Questions on Past Drug Use

Recently released police report raises new questions



    An Arlington councilman who faced a drug charge last year now faces questions after a police report on the investigation was recently released.

    Councilman Mel LeBlanc was investigated last year after his wife called 911 in July and asked for a police officer to come to their home.

    "My husband was just released from rehab two weeks ago, and he's using drugs again and I have the drugs, so I need someone to get him out of the house," she said.

    His wife told police she found a pipe and plastic baggie of drugs in their home the week before.

    Arlington Councilman Faces Questions for Past Drug Use

    [DFW] Arlington Councilman Faces Questions for Past Drug Use
    Councilman Mel LeBlanc faces questions after his wife reported his drug use to police.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012)

    LeBlanc told police that he did not know where the drugs came from and said it could have been remnants of drugs he used before enter rehabilitation.

    In December, a Tarrant County grand jury declined to indict LeBlanc on a drug charge.

    In a statement to NBC 5, Mayor Robert Cluck said he has not questioned LeBlanc's ability to serve the city in light of the recent publicity.

    Cluck said the city's charter does not give the City Council the authority to remove a member. He also said the council has not had a conversation about doing so.

    The mayor said no one in the city had filed an ethics complaint against LeBlanc. He said it was possible that people in the community could file complaints.

    LeBlanc's wife had returned home from a business trip when she made the 911 call in July.

    In July, Arlington 's wife returned home from a business trip and called 911. According to police report filed the night of the call, she suspected her husband was smoking marijuana. LeBlanc denied using drugs, saying he had been clean since entering a 90-day rehabilitation program in April.

    In a follow-up interview a few days later, LeBlanc told police that he used to get drugs from "single females in the Northwest Highway area of Dallas," according to the Arlington police report, which goes on to say that he later admitted to getting drugs from prostitutes he solicited off the web.

    LeBlanc declined to comment on the matter.

    The councilman has announced his intention to run for re-election to the City Council.