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Anti-Gay Slurs Painted on Couple's Car

Residents say vandals are likely teenagers who live in neighborhood



    Arlington's Lake Interlochen neighborhood is cleaning up after vandals spray painted streets, cars and homes, in some cases the attacks were personal. (Published Monday, June 11, 2012)

    Vandals spray-painted vulgar images and words on nearly 10 Lake Interlochen homes, including anti-gay slurs on a car belonging to a gay couple.

    Residents woke up to find graffiti on homes, cars and streets Sunday morning.

    "I mean it kind of put my heart up in my throat for a minute," Kim Loverling said.

    Loverling and her partner found anti-gay slurs spray-painted on the back of their car.

    "It was more than just somebody going and spray-painting a line down your car," she said. "They really pointed it towards you."

    At one house, the vandals painted graffiti on a garage door, a tree in the front yard and a bird feeder. At another house, two cars, including a high school girl's white Hummer, were covered with bright spray paint.

    Several street signs were also tagged.

    Pearline Cleveland's garage was coated in paint as well.

    "I saw it, and I was so disgusted with it," she said. "I didn't read the writing. I just couldn't believe it."

    Cleveland recruited her grandson to come clean up the mess.

    "Those words they put on there -- it made me upset," said her grandson, Quinnin Criss. "Who would want to do this to my grandmother? She's an innocent person who lives out here in a great neighborhood."

    Arlington police said they are working on several leads but have yet to make an arrest.

    Like most residents, Loverling said she believes the vandals are teenagers who live in the neighborhood. She said they need to realize they caused lasting damage, as well as cost residents thousands of dollars.

    "They just need to realize even though they think they're being goofy for a couple of minutes, it really changes somebody," she said. "This is something we'll never forget. It doesn't mean it's something that's ruined our lives and we're going to think about it every day -- that's not the case. But it's a day I'll never forget."