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Angela Considers Mayoral Hunt

District 14 rep ponders run at Dallas’ top office



    Angela Considers Mayoral Hunt
    Angela Hunt

    by Bruce Felps

    It’s been said once or twice now that Angela Hunt, City Council District 14 representative, might just run for mayor during the May 14 elections.

    Conventional wisdom says such a run would occur only if the incumbent declined another go at the office, but since when has Hunt based her decisions on Mayor Tom’s lead?

    She might just run against fellow council member Dwaine Caraway if he doesn’t open a marriage counseling practice, and what troubled couple couldn’t benefit from sage marital views such as, “Those of you in this audience that are married, those of you that are listening that are married, if you’ve not always wanted eggs and bacon and some of you may have wanted something else, but you didn’t get it and that’s just what marriage is all about”? [blink, blink]

    She might also face Councilman Ron Natinsky, who tends to play ying to Hunt’s yang when it comes to supporting initiatives backed by Leppert.

    I am absolutely no expert on city politics — or much of anything else for that matter — but I can see Hunt, in whose district I live, as more than qualified for the city’s top office. She represents one of the largest and most diverse districts in the city, ranging from the western border of Lakewoodproper, through Lower Greenville and the M Streets, around Old East Dallas and into downtown, Uptown, Oak Lawn, and Love Field.

    Unlike a lot of councilpersons past and present, at least from what I know about her, she reads cover-to-cover city briefings prepared by staff, and she digs to find underlying issues or costs to the city that might be involved in proposed city ordinances or zoning changes. She casts educated votes in the horseshoe.

    Some people find fault with her actions as seen by the proposed planned development changes she’s supported for Lower Greenville Avenue. No, it’s not a perfect plan but at least she’s trying to do something positive for the area rather than just leaving it all status quo.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. “Might could” … geez, where’s he from?