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Allergies Hitting North Texans Hard This Spring

Many patients seeing issues with eye-related allergies



    North Texas is considered one of the worst places in the country for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the weather, this year's allergy season is particularly tough. (Published Thursday, April 17, 2014)

    There's a reason why North Texas is considered one of the worst places in the country for allergies.

    And those sniffling, sneezing and have their eyes watering know it better than most. It's a year-round battle, but this spring some allergy sufferers are really feeling it.

    "You can definitely tell as people come into the clinic that they're being hit hard," said Dr. James Haden, of the Allergy and Asthma Clinic Fort Worth.

    Haden said you can blame the weather for some of this season's problems.

    "As the temperature moves up and down and back and forth it can cause the pollination to stutter and start and stop," he said. "And sometimes it seems that can make it worse for people because they think they're in the clear and all of a sudden it comes back again."

    A longer winter caused a bad mountain cedar season and as Thursday's pollen count showed, grasses and spring trees, maples and oaks are peaking too.

    "The oaks are pollinating and usually that's one of the peak times for people especially with eye symptoms," Haden said.

    Haden said one of the best things you can do to fight allergies is to start taking medications before any symptoms show up.

    "It's much easier to keep the horse in the barn, then to get them back in once they're out," he said.

    Thursday afternoon at the clinic those with the worst of the worst allergies got their shots to survive the spring season.

    "Everything but guinea pigs and dogs," said Don Marable. "I'm literally allergic to everything. They were horrible last year and so my wife set an appointment for me and she made me come here and thank goodness I did because this year is not near as bad."

    While allergy shots are for the severe effects of pollen, those suffering major or minor this spring can take solace that they're not alone.

    "This time of year is bad for a lot of people," Haden said.

    Haden said that if you know you have allergies, its best to avoid exposure to pollen. That means shutting windows and keeping the convertible top up even during the nicest weather of the year.

    Haden said that if cooler weather persists, the spring trees could continue to bloom as late as May. And depending on how hot it gets this summer grass allergies could continue to be a problem for some.