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All Four Hall Quadruplets Home



    Anna Hall and her quadruplets are home after their birth gave birth at Baylor Grapevine on May 5. (Published Tuesday, June 10, 2014)

    Anna Hall gave birth to quadruplets at Baylor Grapevine on May 5.

    Tuesday, Ivy, the last one in the NICU, went home.

    "It is going good. We are tired. It has been a blast learning our kids," said Josh Hall, father.

    The babies are fed eight times a day. And their parents have some great helpers, sisters Caitlyn and Zoey.

    "It is amazing. We were saying this last night how natural it feels. Something as overwhelming as this can be, but this feels like this is just how it is supposed to be," said mother Anna Hall.

    These were the first quadruplets born at Baylor Grapevine.

    Brooks is the only boy, and their big sisters love being around all of them.

    "We have definitely become more chill," added Anna.

    Friends have been coming by to help, grandma is at the ready.

    "We are ready to get her home, get them all where they should be," added Josh.