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Al Gore Speaks at SXSW in Austin

Calls on the Internet to improve government



    Al Gore Speaks at SXSW in Austin
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    Former US Vice President Al Gore pretends to hypnotize television talk show host Regis Philbin in 2000.

    Al Gore sat for a conversation with Napster co-founder and Web entrepreneur Sean Parker on Monday at the South By Southwest Conference and Festival.

    The two engaged in a ranging, hour-long talk about the intersection of the Internet and government.

    Gore urged the audience of thousands in attendance and those watching the live-streamed discussion to begin a new "Occupy Democracy" movement.

    He pushed for the creation and implementation of digital tools and social media to change what he called a no-longer functional U.S. government, saying "democracy has been hacked."

    Parker said he believes the Internet is on the brink of new capabilities that can stoke political change and make electioneering less dominated by television.