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Airman Reunited With Canine Found in Afghanistan

Made Possible by the Puppy Rescue Mission



    Senior Airman Thomas Burright was reunited with Lyla a dog he found in an Afghanistan war zone. (Published Wednesday, April 10, 2013)

    A Texas airman is back together with his canine companion. 

    The heartwarming reunion between senior airman Thomas Burright and the six-month-old hound happened Wednesday at DFW airport. 

    Burright found the pup named Lyla last year in Afghanistan. Lyla's chances of survival were slim.

    "She was wandering around the street looking for food. She's adorable, little, [and] looked helpless. I had to pick her up and feed her and took her home. [I] fell in love right away," Burright said.

    Lyla became the unit's mascot and brought a huge morale boost to all the soldiers.

    Through online research, Burright found Puppy Rescue Mission, the organization that helped him fundraise nearly $4,000 dollars to bring Lyla home.

    “They see so much over there that it’s tough to deal with and the one thing that they have control over and can save it a little puppy or a cat," said Michelle Smith with Puppy Rescue Mission.

    Burright and his family headed back home to Abilene with Lyla on Wednesday.

    “She was with me all the time,” Burright said. “It’s good to have her back at my side again.”