91-Year-Old Has Taken Nearly 200 College Courses

Izora Jones has taken classes at Tarrant County College since 1988

A 91-year-old Fort Worth woman has taken nearly 200 different college courses and says she's not done yet.

"I can't remember doing that many classes," Izora Jones said, who has taken 172 classes at Tarrant County College.

Jones grew up in Mexia, Texas and moved to Fort Worth after high school. But she never had the chance to go to college.

However, in 1988 she decided to change that by taking classes at Tarrant County College.

"You never get too old to learn… so I guess that's the reason why I just like to keep going and learning,” she said.

Jones has studied everything from painting and water aerobics to tai chi and music.

Her first class was cake decorating, which eventually led to a business.

Jones helped brides and grooms for years with their cakes, caterings and flowers on their special day.

"I like doing decorations, and I like being around people," Jones said.

She passed down her love for learning to her daughters, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, who have all gone to college.

And Jones has inspired more people than just her family.

"She was always encouraging her friends who were retiring to go to school here, encouraging her neighbors," her daughter Rita Sibert said.

Jones said it’s getting more difficult to park and walk to class, but she’s planning to stay and continue taking classes in the future.

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