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900 Lewisville ISD Students Set Mission of Spreading Kindness

Nearly 900 students from all five LISD high schools joined together to encourage kindness.

Many students are on a mission to make sure kindness is a way of life in the new school year at Lewisville Independent School District.

About 900 students from all five LISD high schools - Flower Mound, Hebron, Lewisville, Marcus and The Colony joined together Tuesday to set their goals.

This was all a part of the inaugural Kindness Convocation, which is an event designed to start a year-long campaign on inclusion – making sure no one feels alone. With teen depression and bullying in the headline, students wanted to take a stand in solidarity.

“Always having someone to sit with at lunch, always making sure that you have someone to walk the halls with; never feeling alone – every time having someone greet you at the door,” Lewisville High School student body president Braden Kajs said.

More than 900 students pledged to be kind and hope the message spreads beyond Lewisville ISD and into schools across North Texas.

“We wanted to have this event so that we can create a culture of kindness; that way kindness is the first thought that comes over anybody in our schools [and] online. [In] any interaction you have; you think first with kindness,” Kajs said.

This was a student-driven initiative that they hope will become an annual event.

Guest speakers included inspirational speaker Houston Kraft and NBC 5 anchor Kris Gutierrez.

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