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9 People Injured, Including Staff and Students, During Fight at Fort Worth Middle School

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Five middle school students are facing charges after nine people, including staff members and students, were injured during a fight at a Fort Worth school Tuesday morning.

The incident at Rosemont Middle School caused the school to go into lockdown for part of Tuesday morning. Officers were called to the school at 1501 W. Seminary Drive around 9:15 a.m.

Officer Daniel Segura of the Fort Worth Police Department said of the five students taken into custody in connection, four are now facing charges of assault on a police officer while the fifth student is accused of interfering.

Clint Bond, a spokesperson for the Fort Worth Independent School District, said the incident started as an argument between a group of students in the hallway.

"A police officer attempted to intervene and a scuffle ensued," Bond said in an email. "Additional staff assisted the police officer and a campus security guard. The fight was broken up quickly and all other students were secured in their classrooms as police conducted their investigation."

There were no weapons or MedStar transports, Bond said. However, a MedStar medical services spokesman said they treated nine people for minor injuries.

five students were arrested after nine people, including students, a school police officer and school staff members, were injured following a large fight at a Fort Worth school Tuesday morning, police said.

Three of the patients treated were students, five are staff members and the ninth person is a Fort Worth police school resource officer.

A preliminary investigation shows there was "pushing and shoving" during the fight, Segura said. An officer got involved and who was hit in the face, police said.

A staff member was "knocked down," Segura added. When more officers arrived at the scene, some students ran and the school was placed on lockdown.

Claudia Acosta picked up her son once she heard what happened.

"It’s sad because they’re kids and they’re getting in trouble so early in age," Acosta said, referring to the five arrested. "They don’t understand police are here to protect them, not to hurt them."

Police tell NBC 5 they do not anticipate any more arrests in connection to this incident.

NBC 5's Lili Zheng contributed to this report.

Editor's note: An earlier version of the story said the patients were hospitalized. MedStar clarified that they were injured and treated at the scene.

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