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8th Grader Will Not be Charged for Violent Blog: DA

A Tidwell Middle School student accused of making death threats against his classmates will not be charged, authorities said Wednesday.

After investigating the eighth grader's blog entry, the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office released a statement indicating he would not face charges:

The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's Office has reviewed the evidence regarding the blog of a student at Tidwell Middle School, in the Northwest ISD. Although the blog in question contains many disturbing, graphic and offensive descriptions of violence, it does not meet the legal requirements for a charge of criminal or delinquent conduct under Texas law.

Northwest Independent School District officials said the district attorney's decision concluded the investigation of the student's blog.

"The district appreciates the partnership and support of parents during this situation and assures parents a continued focus on security is a priority for all students and staff," officials said in a statement.


Many parents of Tidwell students were upset when they learned that the student had not been suspended despite his blog entry, which graphically described the deaths of several fellow students.

"Our children need to be safe in school and the child making these threats needs expelled and given the psychiatric help he needs," parent Jamie Ndungu said.

The student's father said his son was evaluated and released.

"He was encouraged to write, write frequently, and has no intention of harming anyone," the father said in a statement.

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