74-Year-Old Man Attacked Outside of Denny's in Dallas

A 74-year-old man was attacked outside a Denny's restaurant in Dallas Friday morning.

Charles Pace was attacked outside of Denny’s on North Central Expressway. 

“In both cases elderly males have been attacked for no reason outside of restaurants,” said Major Jeff Cotner of the Dallas Police Department.

A Denny's employee says she found Pace face down on the ground outside.

He had injuries on his face and hands, but was able to go home.

Pace's attack makes this the second attack against a senior citizen in Dallas since Jan. 5.

On Jan. 5, when 69-year-old Luis Rocha was brutally beaten leaving Campisi's restaurant on East Mockingbird Lane. Rocha has been in the hospital since the attack. 

He had reconsturctuve surgery on Thursday and is now back in the Intensive Care Unit.

Police are looking into whether both cases are connected since they share similarities.

The restaurants are in proximity to one another and three people reportedly attacked the victims with no warning in both attacks.

Investigators are even looking at social media to see if there is any video or comments posted about the attacks. So far there is nothing.

“I don’t have a motive,” added Cotner.

“Someone is out there committing these crimes. They are doing it with malice and forethought. They are victimizing these people, and we need your help,” said Cotner

There is a $20,000 reward in the Luis Rocha asssault. Ppolice say the reward could apply to the Pace assault, if they are found to be connected.

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