70-Year-Old Army Veteran’s Oxygen Tank Stolen Out of Truck at Carrollton Gas Station

What to Know

  • Oxygen tank stolen from 70-year-old Army veteran.
  • Neighbors have come together to purchase a new oxygen tank and traveling bag.
  • Police released a picture of the suspect leaving the gas station. It shows what appears to be a large tattoo on her back.

Carrollton police are searching for a woman accused of stealing an oxygen tank out of a man's pickup truck in the middle of the day.

"Just when you think you've seen it all, something like this happens," said Jolene DeVito, spokesperson for the Carrollton Police Department. "Who does this? Who steals something that's keeping this man alive?"

The victim spoke with NBC 5 but asked not to reveal his name out of fear.

He is a 70-year-old Army Veteran who served in Vietnam.

"I've always worked for what I got. I don't steal, never have," he said. "So why would you do that? I don't understand."

The man said he walked into the Valero gas station on Josey Lane near the police station in late April to buy a lottery ticket.

Surveillance video, released by police to NBC 5, shows the man walking in and almost immediately a shadowy figure walking toward his truck, several times.

He came outside and noticed that his cell phone and oxygen tank were gone.

Police believe the woman was able to gain access to the items through a window the victim left open.

"I felt a little stupid and violated that someone would go inside my truck and steal something," he said.

He said he will never leave doors unlocked or windows down again.

In the days since the theft, neighbors have banded together to purchase a new tank and traveling bag like the one that was stolen.

Police released a new picture of the suspect leaving the gas station.

NBC 5 News

It shows what appears to be a large tattoo on her back.

She was seen driving away in a white, 4-door older-model Toyota Camry with damage to the front end.

"The only thing that I could say to her is I pity you if you have to make your living this way," said the victim. "Stealing people's items. And I really hope they catch you. I really do."

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Carrollton Police at 972-466-9185 or crimetips@cityofcarrollton.com.

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