7-Year-Old Girl Protests to Raise Awareness of the Border Crisis

For the past 21 weeks, a 7-year-old girl has made it her mission to reunite families separated on the border.

Paisley Elliott sleeps in a tent outside of her Grapevine home every Tuesday as a protest. She hopes it will help reunite every refugee child with their parents.

“If the adults don't do it, us kids need to do it,” said Elliott. “It matters if you care or don't care.“

Paisley’s mission to help refugees began 4 years ago. Her humanitarian efforts have taken her inside a refugee camp and even garnered the attention of the United Nations.

This weekend she'll also speak at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Because of the pandemic, she'll do it virtually.

Her latest project is to collect airline miles for refugees. Miles4Migrants uses those airline miles to reunite families.

“Families belong together,” Paisley said. “We need to do more to get these kids and families reunited.”

Paisley has written letters to President Joe Biden, vice president Kamala Harris and Gov. Abbott, asking them to partner with her in her mission.

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