7-Eleven Ran Out of Free Slurpees During Birthday Promotion

That often small printed phrase “While supplies last” never meant more than it did Monday night, as many people around the country went to 7-Eleven stores only to find they were out of the free Slurpees the 84-year-old convenience store chain was offering on its birthday Monday, July 11.

Many disgruntled customers went to Twitter to complain, and even posted videos on Youtube of frustrated convenience store employees telling customers they ran out of cups, and out of the free Slurpees advertised.   NBC 5 even reported on the news that the Dallas-based company was offering the freebee Monday.

“Instead of 711 giving out free slurpees they shoulda gave free gas,” one Twitter user wrote. 

“Aw, the 711 by my house ran out of free slurpees so my dad just bought them for us,” another said.

“Huge disappointment. A broke college student looking forward to free something and I was so thirsty when I was there,” someone tweeted.

“We gave away some 5 million Slurpee beverages – more than ever before, but it appears demand was higher this year than we ever expected,’ 7-Eleven Corporate Communications Director Margaret Chabris told NBCDFW.com
The 7-Eleven Twitter page spent most of the night and morning apologizing to people, and giving them a toll-free number to call.  

“[We’ll] mail them a coupon for a free Slurpee drink after gathering information about the store and experience so that we can better plan for next year,” Chabris said.

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