600 Pounds of Methamphetamine Seized in Denton

A large quantity of methamphetamine was seized during a traffic stop, police say

Denton Police Department

One man has been arrested and charged with manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, after 596.3 pounds of liquid methamphetamine were found in his vehicle.

According to the Denton Police Department detectives of the Special Investigative Unit saw a black GMC Envoy traveling southbound with a broken passenger brake light just before the I-35 split on Thursday at approximately 4:39 p.m. The detectives initiated a traffic stop on I-35 E just north of North Texas Boulevard.

Police said the detectives saw several suspicious plastic containers inside the vehicle. The detectives also said that the driver displayed behavior that suggested he was more nervous than the typical driver stopped by police.

The detectives called for a police canine and discovered 12 plastic containers inside the vehicle. Each container contained a liquid substance that was starting to crystallize, police said.

Police said that a field test kit was used to test one of the containers, revealing that the liquid inside was methamphetamine. The weight of the containers varied between 41.3 pounds to 53.9 pounds each, totaling 596.3 pounds.

The driver was identified as Adan Murga-Alvarez. He was transported to the Denton City Jail where he is currently being held on a $500,000 bond, police said.

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