6 Things to Do Before Hiring an Auto Mechanic

Sometimes it starts with an accident. Other times, a strange noise tells the tale.

We've heard from North Texans like Brenda McNaughten and Patricia Chapman who were stuck in bad situations with their mechanics. They thought their vehicles were in good hands. The women went to two auto different shops and both ended up with buyer's remorse.

There's a lot we can learn from their stories. Here are Samantha Chatman's Solutions for hiring an auto mechanic. 

• Search for mechanics online.
• Check the Better Business Bureau for ratings. This will usually give you a good idea if it's a shop you'll want to do business with or avoid.
• Next, call the auto mechanic before you go in. Ask if they off free estimates. That could save you a lot of money.
• Before you authorize repairs, make sure you receive an estimate in writing.
• If the mechanic cannot return your vehicle the same day you drop it off, ask for an estimated completion date and get it in writing.
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